About Ann

Shamanic Energy Training

Ann Stafford is a graduate of the Light Body School and the Masteries Program of the Four Winds Society led by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Ann has participated in sacred ceremony with the shaman women and men of the Q'ero on many Sacred Sites of the Cusco Valley in the Andes. She is a luminous energy worker offering a variety of services including clearing of chakras, illuminations, and soul retrievals.


Yoga Training and Experience

Ann studied with Swami Sivananda Radha at Yasodhara Ashram in British Columbia.
She has led led workshops in meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques for awareness), mantra yoga (sacred chanting), hatha yoga, the Light Invocation and the transformative power of music in cities of the United States and Canada.


Insight Training

Ann was one of three artists, among trained psychologists, selected to participate in an ongoing insight training workshop with psychotherapist, Andrew Feldmar and Gestalt therapist, Joyce Frazee.


Music Biography

Ann Stafford has led a devoted life of service to the sacred art of music as an international orchestral and chamber music performer, as a university conductor and professor, as a program and curriculum developer and administrator, as an adjudicator and as an arts advocate. Learn more about Ann's extensive music biography.


Acknowledgements and Gratitude

Ann would like to express her deep gratitude to Dr. Alberto Villoldo and the many teachers of the Four Winds Society and to the Q’ero Medicine women and men of Peru with whom she has been priviledged to train and to participate in ceremony.
She is also profoundly grateful for her early training with Swami Sivananda Radha at Yasodhara Ashram and for her early work with Andrew Feldar and Joyce Frazee.

Photos of Ann by Paul Scarnati
Andes mountain photo by Humberto Montesinos