Private Sessions

Luminous Energy Session:

Bring your physical, emotional or spiritual challenges for discussion. You share your issues and together we track what is blocking the free flow of your life energy and the realization of your dreams. We then proceed with an illumination process. You lie down comfortably focusing on your breath while we clear and cleanse the chakras of any heavy energy. Your session may also include any of the other processes listed below. Your chakras are then filled with light. After the session, you re-dream the life that you desire for the physical, creative and mythic levels of your life. Ann will suggest practices that will allow you to hold the energy shifts after the session. Clients report a greater sense of clarity and a feeling calmness after a session. Sessions are 90min ($150) with a possible additional 30min ($50)


Remote Energy Sessions

can be done from a distance by phone to clear physical, emotional and spiritual difficulties.


Illumination Process: 

Chakras are the energy centers that connect our soul with our body. Challenging experiences and affinities may clog the chakras. During the Illumination, chakras are cleared, cleansed and filled with light energy so that you can live a freer, healthier and more fulfilled life.



seeks out the old issues and affinities that push your buttons and block your creative energy.


Energy Extractions

remove crystallized or fluid energies or entities that cause attractions for and to toxic situations and people.


Soul Retrieval

reclaims a part of you that had gone into hiding during traumatic times and eliminates old agreements that no longer serve you. A power animal may be presented to you during this process.


Destiny Retrieval

helps you live the life of your dreams by sourcing from your future self for guidance and knowledge about the opportunities along your chosen path.



deals with the flight or fight response by bringing peace to your system; calms and centers you into your body.


Death/Rebirth Rite

is used to release ancestral wounds for you and your family so that all can be free to live a freer, more joyous and fully empowered life.


Death Rite

is helpful in hospice settings in preparing loved ones for the end of life transition; gives conscious ease in passing to the next life. This rite can also aid those who have passed already to complete the transition with freedom and peace. Helpful for loved ones here to release those who have passed.


Munay Ki

are nine rites of initiation that help us heal and step into who we are becoming.


Stone Readings and Card Readings

aide you in re-directing your life’s momentum toward that which is aligned with your highest and greatest good.


Supporting Energetic Shift

Ann will suggest practices that will allow you to hold the energy shifts after the session.

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