What You Are Saying

“A major shift in my energy began shortly after our session and culminated with a lifting of the stuck energy. When I went to my father’s memorial I suddenly felt the oneness and connection with everyone I loved. I am forever grateful.”

Eroca Dancer, Musician and Writer



“The Dalai Lama famously stated that the world will be saved by Western women. At this point in history that makes intuitive sense. If even a small proportion of those women are classical musicians and shamans, then the world will be saved that much sooner. Ann Stafford is an edge walker in this new direction."

John Burke, Composer



“My sessions with Ann were my first experience with Shamanic work. I found her to be totally professional and easy to talk to; she gave full and thorough explanations about the energetic process. Our sessions were powerful and deep and had a profound effect on me both mentally and spiritually. I felt totally supported by Ann during and after the process.”

Teresa Haskins, Health Care Worker



“Ann Stafford is a powerful shamanic energy healer. During a session Ann assisted me to clear blockages from my body that most likely originated from my childhood. As a result, I felt lighter, like an old weight had been lifted. It helped me to leave behind old patterns of behavior that no longer served me. I highly recommend Ann.”  

Marsha Bloodworth, Pharmacist and Energy Worker